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Steve Zwillinger’s Exhibiting Tips

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“Steve Zwillinger’s Exhibiting Tips” is a regular feature of the ASDA’s The American Stamp Dealer & Collector magazine. This collection of Mr. Zwillinger’s columns (in Adobe pdf format) is provided as a courtesy by The American Stamp Dealer & Collector, Randy Neil, Editor, to participants in the Midwest Philatelic Society’s 2014 Club Exhibiting Workshop, instructed by Bob Burney, club president, owner of Viking Philatelics and dih-'fin-i-tiv-ly MACHINS.

Viking Philatelics

This index provides an orderly access to the exhibiting tips. Clicking on one of the items in the bulleted list opens the pdf file containing the selected article. Because many of the files contain more than one article, you may need to scroll through the file to locate the exhibiting tip you want to review.