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  1. Kansas City's Extraordinary Aviation History
  2. What the Heck is it?
  3. Weird Covers
  4. Presidential Widow Free Frank of the 20th Century
  5. U.S. Series 1857 Stamps and Covers
  6. From Cinderella to Postage
  7. Should These Envelopes Go Through the Postal System?
  8. Private Proprietary Stamps of the Civil War: Stamps & Ephemera

Non-Competitive Exhibits

  1. Selected Pages from a Collection of the 1856 Monaco Royal Wedding Issue
  2. U.S. Imperforate Stamps 1847-1855
  3. Mourning Covers of the World
  4. Steel Wheels Over Steel Rails - Cities to Suburbs: Kansas City Missouri and Around the World

2014 Exhibiting Palmares